A Portfolio of Hand Picked Wines, Spirits & More

"Finding new wines, spirits and beers is a passion of mine. Being able to see our products on a customer's drinks menu or in their retail store gives me a great feeling."

Tim Wispinski, President & General Manager

Restaurants and retailers must be selective when they choose the products they offer consumers, as there are lots of choices available and each item should compliment the other products they carry.  They need to include a broad range of styles, varietals, regions and price points.  Their product mix will change over time, adding new items to keep consumers interested, while keeping core items available for loyal buyers.


These are all qualities that I want to my agency to stand for.  The Drinks List is a portfolio of hand-picked wines, spirits and more.  We will strive to have a portfolio of suppliers that compliment each other rather than compete.


The Drinks List offers a range of wine, ciders, spirits, beer, and coolers with the partnership of our suppliers, we strive to provide our customers with services and products of premium quality. 


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